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Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Would you like to be a librarian, nurse, secretary, airline stewardess, or mother?

In the country of endless opportunity, these five occupations were nearly all that were considered to be acceptable for the 1960's woman. Susan Webb Tregay was reminded of the constraints and limitations she had faced by being a woman when she stumbled across her 1964 prom dress.

She took her prom dress, a paint brush, and vivid memories and created a piece that not only is beautiful, but also makes a wonderfully powerful statement.

"Girls with few options."

In my time at Art MoB, I have met Susan a number of times and always have been impressed by her grace, confidence, and courage. She is truly a role model to today's generation of women.

We are so glad Susan fought against the glass ceiling and won. Her art brings an endless amount of beauty and happiness to the lives of so many.

She is a reminder to all of us to follow our dreams and always fight for what we believe in.

Come visit us to see her dress, her art work, and how her dreams became a reality.

Fight the good fight,

Art MoB Studios

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