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From Easel to Home

The power of art is one of those things that is constantly underestimated. We look for art work to fit a space in a room, to hang above our mantle, or make a statement.

What if I told you that you are looking for the wrong things?

Yes, the dimensions and color tones are important. I am not negating that. However, I happen to be one of those crazy people who thinks that maybe art is about something greater.

From the moment that the paint brush first makes contact with the canvas, the artist leans over the easel with their mind racing with thoughts. They begin to create a piece that is a summation of feelings, desires, and yes, sometimes frustrations. Each stroke is made with an intention. Each color is selected for a reason.

If you don't believe me, come and watch Amy, Diane, or Tess paint and you will be able to feel the passion as you stand at the entry way to their studios.

Of course in the moment you enter a gallery, there is no way of knowing the endless personal feelings the artist pondered while making the very piece you are looking at.

It is at this moment the piece transitions from being about the artist to you.

How does it make you feel? What memories does it bring back?

I promise that once you have found the "right" piece... you will know. Not only by the dimensions and the colors, but also by the feelings that one glance at this beautiful work of art can give you.

I hope you find an art piece that reminds you of ice cream as a kid, of love, of happiness, of kindness. We could all use these reminders hanging on the walls of the place that we call "home."

If you have not found a piece like this yet, come visit us. Maybe we will have just the piece you have been looking for.

It means more,

Art MoB Studios

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