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Sharing the... Keyboard?

"Welcome to Art MoB. We feature all local artists. We currently have over 90 artists. We also have studios in the back where you can find a couple artists busy at work!..."

I have this conversation an endless number of times each day and I do not think the excitement in my voice will ever fade.

You see... I quickly recognized that what makes Art MoB special is the wonderful collaboration of so many talented passionate people.

I hope for this blog to be the same way. We all have voices, ideas, thoughts, and stories to tell.

We invite you to start sharing them with us, so we can share them on our blog.

Artists - send us pictures and descriptions about a new technique you are working on. Tell us about what inspires you.

Customers - send us a story of an experience here at Art MoB. Tell us what art means to you. Share your pictures and events with us.

The options are only limited by your imagination!

Email them to us at We will do our best to try to share as many as possible each week!

We look forward to sharing the keyboard with all of you!

Impatiently awaiting,

Art MoB Studios

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