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A New Journey

When artist Sharon Eng moved to Hendersonville in April two years ago, she thought she and her husband had settled here for good. She should have known better.

In 46 years of marriage, she can’t recall living in any one house longer than five years and living in any area for more than 14 years. Now, almost two years to the day, they are moving again. Although they have lived in several

cities in Florida, this time they are relocating to North Port near Fort Myers, where Eng’s husband grew up, but where they have never lived as a couple.

Needless to say, Eng’s mother-in-law, a 91-year-old artist and her inspiration, is thrilled to have them nearby.

Eng is an exhibiting artist at Art Mob Studios and Marketplace in Hendersonville. To mark her departure, Art Mob is hosting a New Journey Exhibit of Eng’s acrylic mixed media paintings and abstract digital photography now through March 25. The public is invited to a reception at the gallery on Friday, Mar. 10, from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

All of Eng’s artwork is specially priced during the exhibit.

“I certainly don’t want to pack more than I have to,” Eng said. “If someone has admired a piece, perhaps with a substantial savings, it will motivate them to claim it while it’s still available.”

Before she had even begun looking to move, Eng had submitted some art to the Artscape project in downtown Hendersonville. Artscape was to select 40 artworks to be reproduced on banners to decorate the downtown area. At

about the same time that Eng decided to make the move, she was notified that one of paintings had been selected.

Unfortunately, since she will no longer be a resident before the banners are produced, she had to withdraw. “Even though I won’t have my painting on display downtown,” Eng said, “I am so honored that it was considered

worthy to be in the inaugural Artscape exhibit.” The painting that was selected, “Mountain Glow,” is on exhibit at Art Mob and is available for purchase.

Mountain Glow

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