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Are you interested in becoming an Art MoB artist?

We are always looking for talented local artists that are interested in joining Art MoB! 


What does Art MoB offer?

We at Art MoB are all about supporting local artists! We have three options for becoming an Art MoB artist. You can sell your work through consignment or booths and working  resident studios 


How does Art MoB select their artists? 

Once an artist is interested, we recommend that they first come and visit us. We want artists to look around, see the work we currently have, and consider whether or not we are the right match! If the artist decide we are, send us an email including their bio, pictures of their work, contact information, and what they are looking for. 


We will respond to the email and let the artist know what else we need. We may ask the artist to bring their work in. Ultimately, a jury decides whether or not the artist is a good fit for Art MoB. This process takes about two weeks.


What kind of work sells? 

We get asked this question all the time. We have photography, paintings, pottery, woodwork, jewelry, and so much more! The honest answer is everything we have sells. Our jury does a great job selecting work that is a good fit for not only Art MoB, but also Hendersonville and all our clients. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing your work and learning more about you!