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Wedding Wonder

10 Wedding Gifts

You Haven't Thought Of


If you are like me, it seems like everyone I know is getting married. Which always leaves me with the same dreaded question...

What am I going to get the happy couple?

Here are some ideas that are sure to wow...


1. A Lazy Susan

Handmade by Jack DeGraw these beauties come in three sizes (small, medium, and large). Both visually appealing and practical, imagine all the ways one of these could be used. Card games, appetizers, spices, and more!

2. Stained Glass

Beautifully crafted by Diane Fitzgerald, we offer a wide array of colors and subject matter. This gift is symbolic of so many well wishes - for sunshine, happiness, and the ability to see beauty everywhere.

3. Susan Stanton's Photography

Susan's landscapes of local views are simply incredible. A perfect gift for a couple who loves WNC and our beautiful mountains. Her work comes in many sizes and she offers deals for purchasing in multiples.

4. Jean Hough's Paintings

This is a favorite of mine - perhaps because of the colors or how realistic the water seems. This piece is versatile and would look tremendous in any space.

5. Martha Lever's Flowers

What can I say? They are LOVELY. When you take a closer look at this piece, you can see just how much love lies within it.

6. Face Jugs by Honey

Let's face it... some couples are impossible to shop for. These face jugs are made by Honey Burrell. They are all unique and wonderful.

If you can't find one that fits the couple, ask Honey to make one specially for you!

7. Fiber Lamps

Another gift that will be totally one of a kind! Toni Marie incorporates pieces of nature into each lamp. No two lamps are alike!

A fiber lamp would be an incredible statement piece in a living room.

8. Vintage Glass Cross Bottles

These alluring crosses are made by Terry Kirkland Cook. They are handcrafted from antique unearthed glass bottles that are often over a century old.

They are lovely in a window where they can work their magic by making light dance.

9. Pottery by M

Looking for something a little more traditional? Pick a set out a set of M's platters, bowls, plates, or mugs!

10. Still can't decide?

Come on in, pick out a handmade card by Sandee Setliff, and get an Art MoB gift card!

Let the couple pick out what suits them best.

Hopefully helpful,

Art MoB Studios

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