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Art on Main Excitement

Art on Main was this weekend! We had a wonderful time seeing our artists do what they do best! They set up beautiful booths, talked to incredible people, and many painted in their booths!


Don Harris

He's our talented widdler! Don is often found hard at work in front of Art MoB! This weekend he made various Santa Clauses and even a nativity scene.


Elizabeth McAfee

She makes colorful depictions of cats, bears, and dogs that are so full of personality! We love how she puts a touch in of Hendersonville into every piece she makes.


Jeff Pittman

Jeff creates vibrant paintings that highlight the beauty of this place we all call "home" in an unbelievably magnificent way.


Simone Wood

Simone is new to the Art MoB family! This Tuesday, October 4th is expected to be her first day working in her new.... STUDIO! We are so very excited to help share her wonderful art with the community.


Diane Dean

Diane is known all over for traveling to impressive art shows. It is always exciting when one of those shows happens to be here as Art on Main was this weekend. We love Diane and her work.


Sharon Eng

Sharon worked the weekend away at our Art MoB booth! Special thanks to Sharon for representing Art MoB and sharing her beautiful work with us.


We are all so blessed to live in such a beautiful community that is surrounded and filled with amazing artists.

Thank you to the artists and the art admirers without you our world would be oh so boring.

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