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Intensely Inspired

To be inspired - It is single-handedly the greatest gift an artist could receive. Let's face it... it is the greatest gift any of us could receive, artist or not. Perhaps, inspiration is what we are truly searching for in this wonderful journey called "life".

To be inspired - by others, by kindness, by beauty. What are you inspired by?

We recently brought together a group of talented artists who are all inspired by the same thing. They are inspired by the sunrises, the mountains, the forests, the rivers and the lakes. They are inspired by this beautiful place that so many of us are lucky to call home. They are inspired by Western North Carolina and all her beauty.

The artists spent months working on a way to captivate a feeling that could only be described as inspired. On the evening of July 22nd, the community and artists gathered to marvel at the beauty that had seamlessly passed through the eyes of artists and into the strokes of their hands. Their inspiration took many forms. From pastels and paintings, to woodwork, basketry, and even fiber, there was a little of everything.

The evening went better than any of us could have hoped.

The community voted for the artist who inspired them the most. Frank Reed showed his inspiration through woodwork (that I would attempt to describe but I feel as though words would do an incredible injustice to this piece).

It is easy to see why this piece was selected as our "Best of Show!"

Diane Southen impressed with an incredible piece which to our dismay was created using colored pencils. She was awarded the show's "Honorable Mention!"

Thank you to the artists who share their talents and inspirations with us day in and day out.

Thank you for reminding us of how blessed we are to live where we do.

Thank you for reminding us to see beauty in everything - even the small things.

We would love for you to come out and share in our inspiration. The show will remain on display until August 19th.

Inspiration awaits,

Art MoB Studios

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