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Vicki Van Vynckt

Artist Vicki Van Vynckt has always been inspired by the beauty of nature, particularly sunrises and sunsets. Painting for her is an expression of gratitude for the gifts we have around us. Stop for a moment and take in the magnificence of the changing sky, the sound of bubbling water in a creek, a flower up close, or the glow on the mountain peaks while the sun goes down in the west. There is a deep spirituality to everything we find, and it is as close to us as our heartbeat.

Vicki has been creating oil paintings for 30 years and studied fine art at the University of Southern Indiana. After graduating with a degree in Fine Art, she moved to Minneapolis and took classical drawing and plein-air painting classes through The Atelier, a fine art school that taught nineteenth century French painting and drawing techniques. Vicki soon began teaching oil painting classes through adult community education, as well as out of her studio.

Vicki Van Vynckt #2.jpg
Iris Acres 8x10 oil Vicki Van Vynckt #4.
Blue Ridge Clouds  8x10 oil on canvas  $
Glowing Garden 16x20 oil on canvas $450
Dreaming in the Mountains 30x40 oil $900
Paradise 16x16 oil on canvas Vicki Van V
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