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Pat Morgan

Pat Morgan

Starting a Yupo Painting.jpg
Pat Morgran
Pat Morgran Garden Dance
Pat Morgan
Pat Morgan
Pat Morgan
Pat Morgan

As a painter, Pat was quite the late bloomer.

Following her retirement, she began classes in watercolor and it was love at first stroke.

She has been painting the figure for many years and while living on the NJ shore she was touched by watching children at play and began her ‘Children by the Sea’ series.

Now living in Western North Carolina she has turned her attention to capturing the same innocent

gestures and painting ‘Children by the Ridge’. Pat has received several local and regional awards in NY and NJ, is a signature member of several watercolor societies. She has been teaching watercolor for 15 years. And when not in her gardens, Pat enjoys sharing

her love of painting with her students.

Her watercolors are included in her husband’s seven poetry books by Richard Morgan.

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