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John Gunther


I have been a weaver and woodworker for over 45 years. With the gift of a loom while in college at MI State, I started to learn and understand the
diverse uses for woven fabrics mixed with other materials, especially wood and metals.

After I graduated with a degree in Arts and Letters, I moved from Michigan to the mountains of the southern Appalachians. I focused on functional weaving making woven shelving, lighting, floor
coverings, and wearable clothing.


Through the years I honed my craftmaking
into a finer art and I began entering higher-level shows that took me across the states from
California to the east coast. I stick to shows closer to home now and enjoy the freedoms that come
with being a self-employed artisan.

To create my woven pieces I first hand prime two equal-sized sheets of aluminum with a heavy
metal primer. This helps create underlying texture and durability for the color to stick. The two
sheets are painted in a similar but not exact image. This allows the weaving process to create a
unique and one of a kind result. I then fabricate various styles of framing from flat to curved. I
glue-mount the woven aluminum fabric to these frames and securing the edges with matching
hand-painted aluminum tape. I get my ideas essentially from nature's window from all the places I have lived and visited.

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