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Honey Burrell

Honey Burrell is a retired educator who spent thirty years teaching the visually impaired, young children and adults.

In 2006 she took her first pottery class and fell in love. Oddly enough in 1962 she first touched clay at

Camp Ton A Wandah, right here in Flat Rock. She made a ceramic leaf, that she still has today. She has

had not formal education in ceramics, but has taken many classes and workshops over the last fourteen years.

Nature inspires Honey and she is very aware of her environment. Leaves, birds and flowers often find

their way onto her creations. Honey also has a love for color and texture which you will see

demonstrated in her pottery. She creates many functional pieces, but has a special place in her heart for whimsy, as evidenced in her series “Girls just want to have fun.” Each piece of her pottery is made with love and she hopes that the love journeys with her creations.

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