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Frank Reed

I was born and raised in New Mexico.  I was employed by the telephone company and did a lot of traveling around the State, especially when I lived in the Four Corners area. Being exposed to the American Indian culture has had some influence on my woodturning designs.  I’ve turned bowls in shapes similar to the pottery made by the Navajos.  On some of the pieces I carved scenes of the Taos pueblo and designs similar to designs used by the Navajos on their pottery.


As I branched out with my turning I began to look at each piece of wood and its shape to see what was waiting there to be revealed.  My turning skills grew and improved.  I don’t like to make the same shape over and over.  I love to make every project new and different. Some items I’ve made are functional, such as chip and dip bowls, salad bowls and  platters. These items are especially treated to be food safe.

Many of my items are strictly decorative and meant to be displayed.  I love for my clients to touch the pieces and feel the smooth wood as well as to delight in the pattern of the wood grain.


It has been a joy to live in NC where there are so many varieties of trees.  I like to study the bark, leaves, cones, and flowers that distinguish each tree.  It is wonderful to be able to reveal the inside of the wood for others to enjoy Gods creation.


I am a member of the Carolina Mountain Woodturners and a private group of wood artists called the “Mills River Wood Group". It gives me great satisfaction to be a woodturner and to have many clients in the U.S. and other countries.

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