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Costanza Knight

I want to create beautiful paintings for people to walk into. I do not want to tell the whole story. I want each person to have their own experience. I enjoy watching people enter my pieces and perhaps tell me what they have found there. They may find something different than I intended the day I painted the work.

My inspiration comes from many sources. Studying art and art history in Florence, Italy, at age 19, opened my mind up to the other ways of seeing and being. Having a first career as a speech and language pathologist allowed me to observe people expressing the human experience. Studying with Tucker Cooke in Asheville, NC, instilled an awe of the human figure and an ability to put that awe into form. Studying with Alex Powers in Myrtle Beach, SC, showed me a way to harness the passion I feel when I paint. A final and most important source of inspiration is taking walks through the mountains that are near to my home.

Constanza Knight
Constanza Knight
Blue Green II 2298x2969.jpg
Juicy Apples.jpg
'liquid composition' Thelonius Monk Crop
Knight Costanza #1.jpg
She rose just as free as a bird (Medium)
DSC_ Knight Costanza #3.JPG
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