Connie Winters

Perhaps best-known for her vibrant Impressionist-style paintings Connie Winters has a unique sensitivity to color. "I see so much color and I’m drawn to it," she explains, "I think I see more than most people; while some would look at a road and see gray asphalt I will see shades of lavender, blue and even red. It’s just the way it appears to me."

Winters’ unusual gift for color has enabled her to excel as a painter, capturing the lush splendor of spring gardens and other colorful scenes on canvas in rich, brilliant hues. She paints intimate interiors, sunny landscapes and riots of flowers, using color as a way of "expressing happiness." A passionate gardener, Winters cultivates her arbors, paths and flowers, encouraging color as on her canvas.

"When I’m painting, it’s almost like a puzzle, putting colors together," she explains. "Putting cool reds and warm reds together creates such excitement. Excitement involves the viewer."

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