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Al Junek 

Al was born in Port Lavaca, Texas and received his BS degree in Engineering from Texas A&M University. L He is currently a full time artist residing in Hendersonville, N.C.   He began painting in 1989 after formal training at the Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy. 

 He works primarily in watercolor, but enjoys pastel and pen/ink as well. He is  attracted

to light and its resulting values; this effect is captured in many of his works. More recently he  is focused on capturing the subdued, serene feeling of scenes set in mist or fog. “I am fascinated by the scenes enshrouded in mist and fog that abound in our mountain landscape. The translucency of distant mountain ranges is equally appealing. They evoke feelings of peace and tranquility whenever I encounter them.

Al Junek.jpg
One Foggy Day.jpg
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Southern Magnolia.jpg
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