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I try to tell stories with my work, either real or fictional. Using bits of ephemera such as ticket stubs, vintage magazine ads, old sheet music, tags, flashcards, book text, old photos I piece together a narrative and add multiple layers of acrylic paint, ink, tissue paper, stamped images and other mediums that create depth and richness to the piece. Just like in real life, each of us has a story with many layers. I often work in a series, but each piece tells a unique story just waiting to be discovered.

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Suzanne Woolf 

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Custom Work with Your Photos

Have your family photos turned into a unique work of art.

You provide the photo, digital or physical, (a copy is used) and background material (optional) and let me create an heirloom piece for you or for a gift.

It all starts with a photo and a conversation about the people or place in the photo to build the story. We can work together using personal ephemera and other tidbits for the background or I can ransack my stash for complimentary material. I can use original material or make copies of those precious documents. 

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