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They put the Studios in Art MoB

August 10, 2016

We love them and you know them (or you are about to!)


Four years ago when Michele opened Art MoB, she had a vision of customers being able to meet and watch artists. This vision quickly became a reality. 


Take a short walk down the hallway and you will meet a group of wonderful dedicated women who love what they do...


Amy Perrier


Amy is a finger-painter whose work will easily defy any preconceived notions that you have about finger-painting. She's incredibly passionate about her work and is always a delight to talk to. 


You can almost always find Amy busy at work in her studio. If she isn't here at Art MoB, she is probably busy at an art show!



Come in and meet Amy! You won't be disappointed!



Tess Lang


Tess is not only a painter, but also a world traveler, and tennis coach. She has lived in Tokyo and spent time studying art in France. 


Her love of life exudes in everything she does. 


Tess works with amazingly vivid colors in bold ways. From sail boats to abstract work, she creates it all. 



Come in and talk to Tess about her experiences! You'll be delighted by her stories.