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Sue Anderson

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Sue Anderson

A lifelong interest in drawing and painting coupled with a love of plants and flowers all came together for me when I retired to Sarasota, FL and discovered the Venice, FL Art

Center. Here, I began to seriously concentrate on watercolors with the gifted teacher,

Dee Winterhalter. Five years of very intense study led to my becoming a professional

painter and eventually a teacher myself. I continue my career here in North Carolina.


 I believe there is special magic in the softness of a flower, the turn of leaves and the interplay of light and shadow.  Everything beautiful in nature can be arranged to suit your creative eye.  This is a fascination that never ceases.


In retrospect, I can truly say that all my life experiences have given me the well-rounded perspective that an artist needs.  I’ve been involved in antiques, interiors, flower arranging, knitted sweater and bag designs, faux finishing, furniture restoration, stenciling, house design and creative writing.

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