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Robin Southecorvo

 Robin Southecorvo

Robin Southecorvo
Robin Southecorvo

   My first clay experience goes  back to my high school art class. I actually sold my first piece, a small clay sculpture, to a teacher.  That day clay and art wove their way into my life. After graduation, with a degree in occupational therapy, I started taking a night time pottery class at Anne Darling Studio in Sarasota, Florida. She inspired and encouraged me to go to Penland School of Crafts here in NC, where I took two classes over four weeks. 

            After spending two years in California, I moved to Asheville, NC. A few years later my husband and I started Friendly Hollow Studio where we taught pottery and sculpture. This was short lived ( only three years ) but resulted in building a wonderful studio ! Through the years I have continued  to work in clay  and art but on a limited scale.

            Soon after moving to Asheville, our son was born. I decided to work as an OT.  After several years I became a Certified Hand Therapist. I found hand therapy rewarding, meeting wonderful people and helping them recover from injuries and different hand diagnoses. I continued doing art work and participated in shows including a show at the Asheville Arts council and one at the Walked Art Center at The Asheville School.  Since 2016,  I am creating pottery and small mixed media sculpture full time.  It is wonderful to be back in the studio, pursuing my passion for art work on a full time basis.

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