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Kendra Runnels

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My interest in art began as a child and was cultivated during my time at the Savannah College of Art and Design from 2001-2004. But it wasn’t until I served as a missionary in 2009–2010 that I realized my full desire and calling to paint. After returning home in July of 2010, I became a full-time artist. I love speaking to people through my artwork and bringing hope, joy and beauty to peoples’ homes and lives.

I create mixed media pieces of artwork depicting dreamlike, nostalgic and natural scenes using a combination of collage, pattern, texture and layers of acrylic paint. My subjects vary a great deal from people walking in the rain, streets, location scenes to animals and nature. I love creating beautiful works of art that will keep you looking closer for the story in each piece.

Kendra Runnels.jpg
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