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Debra Mager 


After a successful career as a corporate marketing executive, and a lifetime of collecting art, Debra tried her hand at mosaics. As the demand for her work started to grow from just family friends to commissions from fans across the country, Debra soon realized she had found her second calling.

Debra Mager is now an established and highly regarded self-taught mosaic artist traveling around the country to teach mosaic workshops and to participate in art festivals. She has a penchant for creating dimensional, whimsical and rather unconventional mosaic works, which include her unique mosaic floral arrangements, birds and other creatures, as well her jeweled mirrors and mosaic shoes.

Her business was launched as Cinderella Mosaics because Debra considered the discovery of her dormant artistic talent an unexpected blessing, or “a true Cinderella story.”  

Her recent move to Asheville, NC marked the beginning of a new phase to her work and teaching.  Thus, she evolved her business identity to Debra Mager Mosaics with a goal to expand her teaching practice and broaden her own mosaic projects.

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